Our Products

Soulfully Spruced was conceived on the idea that happiness if the best gift you can give. Each of our products are handspun and personally designed. Soulfully Spruced offers coasters, wall emblems, American flags, light fixtures, and other additional works. Because we believe in giving, a portion of our proceeds are donated to Iowa National Heritage Foundation to support protection and restoration projects across Iowa.

To purchase a piece made by Soulfully Spruced, 

With wall emblems and coasters, optimism can be shared by sprinkling positivity into the lives of others through charming home décor. Soulfully Spruced offers custom, pre-designed, monogrammed, and simple timber relics.

Our Rustic American Flags are produced in several different sizes and come equipped with wall mounting capabilities. Flags can be made customized with a line for our military & first responders.

Industrial Light Fixtures by Soulfully Spruced are produced using custom concepts derived from steel piping and are offered in diverse rustic designs.

Additional Works by Soulfully Spruced can range from custom to refurbished pieces. If you have an idea, or would like to request custom made designs click