Our Mission


Soulfully Spruced Ltd. Co. was conceived on the idea that happiness is the best gift you can give. Soulfully Spruced specializes in the production and design of handcrafted home décor. By producing custom and revitalized décor, we strive to render optimism, encouragement, and inspiration in every aspect of our work. Because we believe in giving, a portion of our proceeds is donated to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to support protection and restoration projects across Iowa.

Our Story

In 2018, we decided to take a leap of faith and embark on a small business journey. Soulfully Spruced is about spreading joy, encouragement, and inspiration. With Adrian's refined woodworking skills and my entrepreneurial spirit, we stumbled upon an opportunity for us to share our strengths with our family, friends, and the rest of the world.

During my third year of college, I took a course where I worked with a wonderful group of students to develop a product with just $5. Thinking hard about our resources and skills, we chose to create a product line of coasters and ornaments with local cuts of wood, a stencil, and a sharpie. My team and I collected nearly $700 in sales in just two weeks! Our "startup" message was simple - to add value to the world through encouragement and inspiration. After realizing the impact of our success, I decided to carry on this message with the help of Adrian. Thus, Soulfully Spruced was born!

Our passion is to create new and revitalized pieces for your home. Adrian has experience producing light fixtures, flags, tables, dressers, signs, and more. He even has his own elaborate spread of machinery to generate high-quality pieces. To bring out the beauty of our flags and signs, each piece is carved from quality pieces of wood. We never use decals, paint (unless requested), or stamps to develop our work, making each piece highly detailed and unique.

As recent graduates from Iowa State University, we are continuously living a fast-paced life, but one thing continues to remain constant - our passion for Soulfully Spruced!